Jarvis is a fun, energetic, active, creative, observant little panda that is full of imagination and curiosity. Jarvis loves to use his two's more than his one's. (He listens with his ears, see's with his eyes, but does not talk a lot). Jarvis loves to play sports and Jarvis loves to learn. 

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All my life I thought my only path was football. I now realize football was just a stepping stone to the next chapter of my life. After my short career in the NFL, my life changed. It was after I became a father to now three smart, inspired, beautiful, and loving children that I found my life calling - to teach and to lead by example starting with our youth. Serving as Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations at two major Universities, I have the opportunity to change lives of college student athletes everyday. Now, I'm taking my knowledge and leadership skills and putting them into Children's Books. Through my Children's Books, kids will learn valuable life lessons, be inspired to love their families, understand moral values, with an eagerness to learn all while spending precious, and valuable moments reading books with their parents, teachers, and of course with me. Writing my first Children's Book has been one of the most inspiring moments in my life. I will use my platform to positively motivate our youth through writing Children's Books!



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